Under each heading there are generally two groups of publications, separated by a dashed line.  Above the dashed line are peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and below the line are reports and other non-peer-reviewed pubs. Within each of those two groups, pubs are shown approximately in reverse chronological order (i.e. with most recent ones first).

  1. Telecommunications
    1. Teleshopping and E-Commerce
    2. Teleconferencing
    3. General Telecommunications
  2. Telecommuting
    1. Adoption of Telecommuting
    2. Transportation/Air Quality Impacts of Telecommuting
    3. Residential Location Impacts of Telecommuting
    4. Cost-benefit Analysis of Telecommuting
  3. Other Studies on Residential Location and Land Use Impacts on Travel Behavior
  4. Responses to Congestion/System Disruption
  5. Attitudes toward Travel Itself; Multimodality
  6. Travel Time Budgets
  7. Induced Demand
  8. Multitasking
  9. Millennials
  10. Other